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Here is a great new review of the Groove Freedom Series from

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I have added a translation of the review in English below:

In the vastness of the internet, we constantly stumble across interesting websites. One such site is by Pete Williams. For beginners, it is crucial that the right focus is in place from the very start. These days there is a huge amount of teaching material available, to the point that the choice can seem overwhelming. Pete Williams has written two excellent books aimed at drummers: “Groove Freedom Series 01/” – The 8th Note Hi-Hat Pattern and “Groove Freedom Series 02/” The 16th Note Hi-Hat Pattern.

“Groove Freedom Series 01/” is chiefly concerned with the basics. Across three chapters, the beginner is taught everything he needs to know. The basics help the drummer to develop a solid foundation. Chapter 1 deals with the various 8th note grooves. Step by step, skills are built up. Even without a teacher, you can achieve success within a short period of time. Chapter 2 moves on to the topic of sound, showing you how to develop your own sound based on grooves. Syncopation grooves, grace notes and hi-hat accents – all of these can be used to make your own groove more exciting. Chapter 3 is a little trickier. Here you primarily learn how to play the bass drum, with a focus on the right foot. By following the advice within, you can increase your freedom when playing.

“Groove Freedom Series 02/” tackles the 16th note grooves, placing the hi-hat in the spotlight. Once again, there are three chapters, which are well-arranged so as to ensure a steady learning process. From the beginning, the drummer is taught the correct way to approach the 16th note. Various grooves are presented in the first chapter. Chapter 2 is again dedicated to sound, and how to make your grooves more exciting with diverse accents, as well as doubles. Chapter 3 again helps the drummer to play the grooves more freely.

The two books are truly a fantastic buy. They would be especially useful in schools which place great importance on the technical development of the student. These two books are clearly and attractively presented. Each one comes with a CD which includes some of the grooves from the book.

All further information can be found at Groove Freedom Series 02/ is available from The books may also be ordered directly from This website is also worth a look for its own merits. The Blog, for example, contains many interesting drum lessons.



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