Fill Break Down From Supply and Demand Video

Pete Williams Fill Break Down 3 27 From Supply and Demand pt2_0002

I have had a request on to break down the drum fill I play at 3:27 in the following video. Bellow are some exercises to help build up towards the fill.

Supply and Demand – New Original Drum Track

Pete Williams Drummer

Linear Drum Groove and Drum Fills over Hits

Pete Williams Drummer

End of Drum Practice Groove Out

Pete Williams Drummer

Session drumming on ‘The Way Out’

Social Skills

Another tongue and cheek video from the ’10 second time machine’ album by Rupert Latimer aka Social Skills. A great fun project to drum on, with straight ahead no nonsense drum grooves, a live feel and going for a retro … Continue reading

Exam Success

Pete Williams Drummer (2)

Big Congratulations to Element Drum Tuition students Simon and Justin for passing exams just before the Easter break. Justin passed grade 4 with merit and Simon grade 5 with distinction. Keep up the good work guys.

Camera test turns into creativity binge.

Pete Williams Drummer

Here is some filming that I did on my day off from drum teaching to test out my new camera setup. It led to a little keyboard and mixing creativity binge as I decided to build a track around the … Continue reading

Rita Hayworth

Rita Heyworth

So in the summer of 2014 there were many things that I was unsure of, however one thing I thought I knew for certain (even if it didn’t enter my conscious thought) is that the world was not looking for … Continue reading

Fill breakdown request Part 4

Pete Williams Drummer

Fill breakdown request Part 3

Pete Williams Drummer